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Behind the name

The Stave

Our entire business is built around oak. Every beer we make spends time in a barrel at some point in its life. That is where Stave comes from. Staves make up the sides of the barrel and are bound together with metal hoops. The insides of these staves are porous which allows the yeast and bacteria to harbor deep in the oak. Certainly one of the more beautiful aspects of aging sour beer in barrels is that the barrel becomes an ingredient itself. We can put the same base beer in several different barrels and the results can be varied. 

The Nail

Once the beer hits maturity we start to compose our blends. Every barrel has its own unique characteristics. Blending allows us to use those different characters to build complexity. So where does the nail come in? Well in order to create a blend, we need to pull samples. After the first fill of the barrel we drill a small hole in the head of the barrel and plug the hole with a stainless steel nail. When we are ready to take samples, we just pull the nail out and catch the beer in our sampling vessel (you know, like a glass). To summarize, the nail represents the blending process, our favorite aspect of making barrel aged beer.

Barrel fill.jpg