Meet the team


Justin Stambaugh - Head Blender, Optimist

Justin started home brewing in 2010. Always curious and creative, it wasn't long before he was hooked and soon hobby turned into obsession. Ideas sparked and soon he was dreaming of starting a brewery of his own. He also knew he needed experience to do so. So he started looking for a job in the industry. After several failed attempts (hey, it's tough out there!) he finally landed an internship at Rip Current Brewing Company in the fall of 2012. Fast forward to today and he is the head of brewing operations, and leading Rip Currents sour program. Over his time at Rip Current, his palate, interests, and brewing style has matured. Now enjoying to create and drink sour and wild ales, he is ready to carve out his own path in this morphing beer landscape.


Joe Stambaugh - Head Brewer, Explorer of life

Joe Stambaugh is, you guessed it, Justin's younger brother. Joe got his start brewing in 2015 working under Justin at Rip Current during his breaks from college. Eventually the volunteer work turned into real work and his brewing career began. After learning the ropes under his brother, he decided to spread his wings and move on to Mikkeller Brewing. Between the two breweries, Joe has really earned his chops. He is a hard worker, and is passionate about his craft. He will be the main man on the brew stand, and we couldn't be happier about that.