Tasting Room FAQ


When are you opening?

We are currently waiting for licensing approval and anticipate opening in early 2019.

What are your tasting room hours?

We are only open one weekend a month. For that weekend are hours are:

Friday 3-8

Saturday noon-8

Sunday noon-8

Check out our Tasting Room Events page for our opening dates.

What kind of beers do you produce?

We specialize in mixed fermentation sour and wild ales. These beers have varying levels of acidity and funky 'wild' character to them. 

What is sour beer? Is it really sour?

Yes, it's really sour. These types of beers get their acidity from lactic acid producing bacteria called Lactobacillus and Pediococcus. 

What are wild ales?

Our definition of a wild ale is a beer fermented with wild yeast and bacteria, i.e. not your standard domesticated brewers yeast. We use a mix of our own wild caught cultures and a variety of different yeast labs cultures to ferment our beers. 

Do you serve anything non-alcoholic?

Yes, we do. We typically stock a variety of non-alcoholic soft drinks. Ask the bartender for availability.

Do you allow children?

As long as they are on a leash. Just kidding...  We enjoy having well behaved children at our tasting room, that said, the key word is well behaved. Any parents with out of control children will be asked to leave.

Do you allow dogs?

We allow well behaved dogs as long as they are on a leash. 

How do i join your Stave Society bottle membership? 

We hope to open up our bottle membership sometime in the second half of 2019. Please stay tuned for details, it is going to be rad. 

How do I join your running club?

Our running club should be operational by the end of 2018. We want to cultivate an awesome community around this club and would like to make it as fun as possible for everyone. Please email Justin@staveandnail.com for more information and to sign up. 

Can I hold a private event at your brewery?

Absolutely! Our tasting room and barrel cellar is a beautiful and functional space that works well for groups of up to 50 people. Please Contact Us for more information. 

How do i get your beer in my bottle shop or craft beer bar?

We are a very small operation and don't typically wholesale our beer. We do periodically delegate small amounts of beer to select accounts. If you are interested purchasing our beer wholesale, please email Justin@staveandnail.com

Are you hiring? 

At the moment... no. Eventually, yes. We will certainly let everyone know when we are ready to hire, but in the mean time resumes can be sent to Justin@staveandnail.com